Can foreigners buy real estate in Italy?

How can I find a property in Italy?

How can I avoid problems and mistakes during the process of a property?

I do not have sufficient time to travel to Italy. Can I buy a property in Italy being abroad?

Is the Italian Real Estate Sector Safe?

How long is the purchase process?

Do I need to have a Tax Code to close the deal?

Do I need to open an Italian bank account to purchase a property in Italy?

Should I use the service of a real estate agent?

Why I need the service of a Lawyer and Italian Public Notary?

It could be possible to obtain a mortgage in Italy but the conditions are stringent and we can verify case by case because it depends on form many factors such as residence, age, employment, financial and marital status.
You can contact us to check and study the case.

I need to sign a preliminary contract of purchase?

Do I need an interpreter during the signature before the notary?

I would like to hire a lawyer, the seller or the real estate agent told me that I do not need or they can provide me with one.

I do not understand the Italian language, Should I sign the deed in both the Italian and English language?

What Legal consequences have if I cannot complete the purchase after having signed a preliminary contract with a deposit?

I am not married, my partner is purchasing an Italian property in his/her name.

Do I need an Italian Will for my Italian Property?

I wish to renovate my Italian property. I need a contract with the building company?

In case of renovation works, I have to be in compliance with Italian and Municipality regulations?

What is the free legal advice of c_legal?

After free legal advice, am I obliged to hire c_legal attorneys?

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