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c_legal law firm provides legally certified translations and sworn translations (with asseveration) through our professional and Certified Expert Lawyer and Translator.

We help clients overcome language barriers by assisting them with all legal documentation related to the purchase of a property in Italy (Power of Attorney, Preliminary Contract of Sale, Contract of Sale, Last Wills, Testaments, etc.), and providing the legalization for the international use of any foreign documents involved in the process (legalization through the local consulate or Apostille Seal).

c_legal offers specialized legal translations of foreign official documents to be used in Italy and vice versa, also translating Italian documents to English allowing the client to fully understand and use them in their country of origin. We want to make sure that you fully understand the contracts you are entering into and our translation services provide this to our clients and more.

The documents may need to respect international formalization requirements, in order to be valid and legally used as a legal document in Italy, also before the sworn legal translation before the Italian Court. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our Italian translation and legalization services.


Translation & Legalization

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