c_legal law firm assists international clients dealing with Italian Visa (e.g. for business, tourism, study, and health care reasons) residence permit (permesso di soggiorno), and citizenship matters, when needing to move their residence in Italy.

c_legal’s multilingual team of lawyers can assist clients in all matters relating to residency, work and Visas - with a straightforward approach, in order to save time and concern. There are many ways to obtain a residence or Visa permit in Italy: the new Flat Tax, Visa for Elective Residence, tax benefits for retirees.

c_legal provides legal advice on all options and requirements, issuing the application paperwork in order to obtain a reasonably positive outcome. Visa and residence permits are highly complex matters and every case is different from each other, this is why the residence permit must be correctly determined.

We assist the client during the whole process: from document procurement, apostille, legalization and translation of necessary documents for citizenship applications, and filing applications through fast-track issuance of your citizenship recognition.

Furthermore, c_legal law firm provides legal assistance for foreigners who would like to be entitled to Italian citizenship, including filing Court action against the dismissal. Our service starts with an initial assessment to check the client’s eligibility for Italian citizenship.

Residence & citizenship

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