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As part of our comprehensive Italian real estate practice, c_legal assists its clients with real estate arbitration and litigation cases. From alternative dispute resolution to out-of-court settlement and mediation between parties, you want Italian-trained lawyers taking on your issue to ensure that what was done wrong before won’t happen again!

Whether cordial or contentious, our ultimate goal is to get your issue resolved in your favour so you can move forward. We know how to get that done. If you are dealing with a small or large real estate dispute, the best thing you can do is get proper local legal representation right away—doing so can save you time and money and ensure that your issue does not become bigger or more expensive than absolutely necessary. Like with any legal proceeding, there are important filing deadlines that cannot be missed when handling a real estate dispute.

Litigation is rarely a productive goal for clients, but we have tremendous experience in this field should your situation require it. Arbitration often results in quicker, more cost-effective resolutions for our clients. In Italy, arbitration has become the norm for international and domestic commercial dispute resolution and it can take on a formal or informal tone. Some common Italian real estate dispute scenarios include:

  • Invoicing disputes

  • Builder issues

  • Buyer/seller contract breaches

  • Construction issues

  • General breach of contract and professional misrepresentation

c_legal assists its clients in reducing dispute risks or avoiding issues escalating to litigation concerning real estate.

Disputes within real estate matters are often unavoidable. In such cases, c_legal’s approach is always pragmatic, providing cost-effective support to guarantee clients the best outcome.

As with everything we do, our clients do not need to be physically present in Italy to get the best legal representation—even if your case is in court or arbitration. If you are dealing with a new or ongoing Italian real estate issue and need help, look no further than c_legal to assist you. We are ready to get started helping you today!


Real estate arbitration & litigation

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