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Italian Property Taxation and related fiscal matters touch many of the transactions we help our clients with every day. Complicated and cumbersome, when not handled correctly, people experience otherwise avoidable expenses.

At c_legal, we are here to help with all of our Italian property taxation and fiscal matters in order to ensure you are fully in line with Italian laws. Real estate taxes involve both central and local governments in Italy. Like all of Europe, the Italian real estate tax structure looks at the nature and function of the property as well as the buyers and sellers. Whether you are planning to own and inhabit your purchase or rent it out matters and needs to be handled and filed appropriately with the necessary agencies. Avoid tax liability and enjoy savings, call c_legal today to discuss the intricacies of your tax needs.

Italian Taxation Law

c_legal law firm assists its clients in the field of taxation law, in relation to both private and corporate real estate transactions in Italy. Always with our clients’ best interests in mind, our goal is to design a compliant property taxation structure that also aims to maximize reductions and deductions such in accordance with the Italian tax law.

c_legal advises on transactions and owning costs related to real estate investments, carrying out complicated tax situations always in compliance with Italian tax laws.

The firm is highly specialized in real estate tax and all tax issues related to transfers of real estate properties, including all phases of real estate transactions, from the purchase and transfer of properties and building areas to the negotiation phase with counterpart. Our professionals have gained meaningful experience in the tax regime. We assist clients with the following Italian real estate tax scenarios:

  • Purchase and sale of residential and commercial property

  • Tax property inheritance scenarios

  • Foreign buyer purchases and tax situations

Being a foreigner in Italy and keeping taxes in order is not an easy task. That is why we are the trusted and experienced legal partners who can manage the hard work and assist our clients, whether resident in Italy or abroad.

Italian Real Estate Taxation Law Firm

Taxes are an important consideration not only in the purchase phase of a property but also in how you classify it. At c_legal we know how to minimize your tax liability while still keeping you in line with the law. Call us now to learn more.


Property Taxation & Fiscal Matters

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