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Maintaining the historical landscape of Italy and ensuring that the environment is protected is an important passion of our law firm. We are not just Italian lawyers, we are Italian lovers that want to ensure that our country is properly preserved for many generations to come. Italy has a wide range of legal requirements and protections in place to ensure that the landscape and environment of the country are properly maintained. Our landscape and environmental protections practice is aimed at helping ensure our clients are fully in line with Italian and sometimes also European standards. c_legal law firm works with clients from the planning and implementation to the authorization phase of the process.

Italian Environmental Restrictions & Requirements

The ever-increasing legal connections among environmental procedures and requirements continue to grow but it does not need to be seen as a hindrance to your goals. c_legal offers precise and competent support to its clients ranging from obtaining the necessary approvals to landscape planning tools and urban planning.

c_legal carries out judicial and extrajudicial assistance in all the procedures related to real estate affected by environmental restrictions and historic/artistic protection accordingly with the Italian Legislative Decree no. 42 of January 22, 2004 (Italian Code of Cultural Heritage and Landscape), assisting clients in the authorization procedures and permits for building interventions on protected sites and enhancement of private cultural assets.

Italian Landscape & Environment Law Firm

Fines and delays are not something you want to deal with when realizing your Italian real estate dreams. We can make sure that does not happen to you and can also help accelerate your timeline by working directly and quickly with the appropriate agencies. Ensuring you are abiding by the many rules and regulations in place surrounding the environment is just one of the many things we offer our clients and we are ready to help you every step of the way. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our Environmental law services and more. Book a free consultation today


Landscape & Environmental Protections

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