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Estate planning is not a static process but a dynamic one that can benefit families in life and death.

At c_legal, our bi-lingual estate planning lawyers assist our foreign and domestic clients in the management of their assets and properties located in Italy, purchasing property, holding bank accounts, suggesting life insurance policies, shares or other kinds of financial products. Our goal is to help you create a comprehensive Italian estate plan that fully expresses your wishes and protects the interests of your loved ones upon your passing. Book a free consultation today to learn more.

Benefits of an Estate Plan

As your Italian estate planning law firm, c_legal will ensure a smooth estate distribution, in order to help your loved ones, avoid future legal problems, complications, delays, formalities and additional costs for properties or assets located in Italy. During the succession and inheritance procedure, clients may pay additional costs, and the c_legal lawyers are available to help and assist their clients during this common Italian estate procedure.

c_legal law firm provides legal assistance in drafting wills, regulating the wealth transfer from one person to another, often concerning real estate assets. This is a crucial step that needs proper assistance to translate the client’s wishes into valid wills that fully cover the estate.

Our laws stipulate a “legittima” (an obligatory share of the statutory heirs), which must be necessarily considered when drawing up a Will. Our lawyers are always ready to inform the heirs about the extent of their rights and obligations.

The whole area of Inheritance and Wills represents a crucial moment for everybody and the wealth transfer regulation often concerns real estate assets, among other things. While the creation and ultimate distribution of a will may seem complex, working with c_legal helps to ensure that everything is fully covered and everyone is fully informed.

Italian Succession

It is not just assets that are transferred on death. Italian succession is the legal phrase used to describe the passage of assets and liabilities to the heirs of the deceased. Based on the principle of unity of inheritance, Italian succession can be carried out formally or informally depending on the relationship of the parties involved and the complexity of the estate.

If there is no will, Italian law regulates the assets’ distribution. It is essential to follow what’s stated in-laws and regulations of the country of the last habitual residence, and this may cause several problems concerning assets located in Italy. An inheritance also involves important fiscal charges that must be given prompt attention and payment.

C_Legal Italian Estate Planning Law Firm

Do not make the mistake so many people make and overly delay putting together an estate plan. When you hire c_legal as your estate planning law firm, you hire a highly experienced team of International lawyers that know how to protect your interests. Get in touch with us today to learn more about the process, get your questions answered and get started! We look forward to hearing from you!


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