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As nice as it would be to begin building upon purchase, the Italian construction process is markedly more complicated than that. As you can imagine, with the great historical significance of our beautiful country, many of the construction planning permits and other requirements are aimed at maintaining the historical and visual integrity of Italy. c_legal law firm has extensive experience in legal consulting related to urban planning, land use, and all public licenses for new buildings, both commercial and residential, and renovation works. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help!

Italian Planning Permits & Construction Process The Italian planning permits and construction process requirements vary depending on the location and nature of the property as well as your building and renovation intentions. When handled appropriately without objections, approvals can be as quick as a month but often are slowed by delays in processing or approvals.

c_legal works to limit delays and accelerate approvals so that you can get started on your project as soon as possible. Some of the areas we support our clients include:

· Client support in all the administrative steps before the Public Administration;

· dealing daily with public entities and authorities all over Italy for permit procedures, licenses, compliance certifications, which are necessary for planning, construction and renovation works of private property, or industrial and commercial facilities;

  • Formal answers to authority requests;

  • The trial against the silence of the public administration;

  • Finalization and due diligence.

c_legal is one of the few law firms specialized in assistance in administrative litigation before the Judicial Authorities in charge (Regional Administrative Court -T.A.R.) and the Council of State (Consiglio di Stato). These matters because if this is a necessary step in your process, you need it to be handled correctly in order to get the necessary approvals.

c_legal represents its clients in the negotiation, drafting, review and modification of a wide range of agreements, including but not limited to:

  • Design-build contracts

  • Architectural and engineering agreements

  • Project/construction manager agreements

  • Construction contracts

Italian Planning Permit & Construction Legal Assistance

At c_legal, we want you to realize your Italian real estate goals and that often comes with the need to obtain various construction and other permits in order to do so. Do not delay this process or try to handle it on your own—get in touch with our highly experienced team of bilingual lawyers to help begin this important process today. The sooner you call, the sooner we can get started working for you!

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