c_legal law firm has a consolidated and qualified experience in urban planning and construction law. The client is advised in the correct arrangement of issues between the private citizen and the Public Administration (local, regional, national) in charge with particular attention to the resources’ correct management and to the sustainable development of the territory.

In this context, c_legal offers competent support in the management of procedures related to adoption and approval of the Planning Rules and Regulations and Implementation Plans, through observations and/or oppositions during the interlocutory and participatory phases.

Furthermore, thanks to the support - when useful and necessary - of qualified expert witnesses, c_legal assists its clients both in the extrajudicial phase and in the possible judicial phase, in the matter of acts of divestiture, building permits, building restrictions, urban planning and expropriation restrictions and legal actions for obtaining the related authorizations and permits.

c_legal pays particular attention to the most appropriate way of judicial defense in relation to amnesty for infringement of building regulations and related administrative sanctions.

Construction & urban planning

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