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Real Estate Due Diligence

At first glance, a real estate transaction may seem simple and clean but that is rarely the case. c_legal carries out legally certified due diligence for real estate acquisition, from off-plan and new properties to public auctions to ensure that our clients are protected in their transactions. The last thing that you want to have happened in an Italian real estate transaction is for things to fall apart because all the details of the transaction were not properly investigated.

The goal of our due diligence approach is to cover, research and explore options related to every risk within the given deal, and beyond. Risks are then managed with a specific draft, safeguard clause or limitation of liability clause—whatever legal safeguard is necessary for your specific purchase. In the end, our goal is to have you fully informed and fully covered from the beginning.

Our highly comprehensive and personalized due diligence process requires the collection and analysis of lots of data and documents, which sometimes may be hard to obtain. In fact, the related documents can be kept by various administrative offices, and they can also be written in a highly technical language, which is difficult to understand without the technical assistance of an attorney. We have the expertise and the bandwidth needed to ensure that all documents are analyzed and obtained in a timely manner.

c_Legal Due Diligence Package

Our due diligence package is designed to give you security and peace of mind. Included in our due diligence package is:

  • Verification of property’s real owner and of the his/her global situation (e.g. the property is not mortgaged, etc.).

  • Verification of building/planning license.

  • Verification of property certificate, energy certificate, taxes and costs payment.

  • Draft of the report with a summary of all possible contingencies.

  • Communications with the seller for negotiation of conditions.

  • Drafting of legal document.

  • Negotiate a safe preliminary contract, which reduces liability risks, protects your investment and successfully safeguards your purchase.

  • Fiscal study for the investment structure’s analysis.

  • Legal advice on operating expenses and handling tax payments after completion.

  • Assistance in the appointment of a notary public.

c_legal Real Estate Law Firm

When you hire c_Legal, you hire a law firm that looks out for your real estate transaction every step of the way. The mportance of due diligence cannot be underestimated. Give yourself the security and peace of mind you deserve, call c_legal today or to learn more about how we can help. And if you are in a situation in which due diligence was not originally done, we can help with that too. We look forward to hearing from you!


Legal Due Diligence

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