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In Italy, real estate investments can be done through a foreign company or a new company established in Italy.

c_legal law firm guides its clients through all the required steps for company formation in Italy: registration, incorporation, planning and beyond. But our services start well before the actual business formation takes place and advise our clients on the most suitable legal structure for any business, analyzing details such as the size of the company, number of shareholders, the purpose of the business, related costs, management and accountant services and other issues that will have consequences on the associated taxes, thus taking into account all related risks. If you are looking to set up a business in Italy, look to c_legal to help. Book a free consultation now to speak with one of our bilingual attorneys.

Starting a Business in Italy

While starting a business in Italy is easier and faster compared to the previous years, it is still a complicated and paperwork-heavy process that demands the assistance of a knowledgeable law firm. Thanks to c_legal’s simple, consistent and effective legal assistance, it is now easier than ever. Your new company can be set up also without your physical presence in Italy—this is something we help clients with every day. Our experienced international lawyer can manage it and guide you through the right step.

The c_legal’s business setup services include:

  • Startup of business

  • Business creation

  • Modification of an existing business

  • Termination of the company and related publications

  • Harmonization of foreign operations with national and European law, also concerning the International Agreements signed between countries to avoid double taxation

  • Assistance for the Special Power of Attorney or General Power of Attorney

  • Opening of the new company’s necessary bank account

  • Representation and assistance before the Notary public in order to sign the Memorandum and Article of Association

  • Assistance for the new company’s registration before the Commercial Registry

  • Application for the VAT number, or company tax identification number

  • Assistance for the implementation regarding the related activities connected to the new company

All the business setup services can be provided with no need for a physical presence in Italy, through a Power of Attorney to our lawyers- a service that can save you time and money.

Italian Business Setup Law Firm

When looking for an Italian law firm to help create the best business structure for you and your needs, look for a firm that offers comprehensive services combined with experience. Look no further than c_legal.

Book your free consultation with us today to get your questions answered and get started.


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