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Italian Real Estate Law and more


Italian Real Estate Law and more


Italian Real Estate Law and more

Italian-based but Internationally present, the law firm of c_Legal specializes in domestic and international Italian Real Estate transactions and Estate Planning. We have offices in Italy (Rome, Palermo, Milan, Ostuni, Lucca, Noto), New York and Buenos Aries and service clients all over the globe.

Our talented team of attorneys and chartered accountants speak fluent Italian, French, Spanish and English in order to assist you in your native tongue so that your interactions with us are easy and understandable.

Many of our clients never step foot in Italy when working with us in purchasing a property, inheritance & wills, Citizenship, VISA, Business Set Up or handling other legal matters—it is our ability to execute transactions remotely combined with our professionalism that draws so many to our firm.

Let our experience, success record and personalized approach help you quickly and properly execute your wishes. Book a Free Consultation and Get in touch with us now to learn more. We would love to help you.

At c_Legal, we have the experience you want. Whether you are from another country entirely, an Italian living abroad, or local Italian -- whatever you are trying to accomplish when it comes to real estate or estate planning, business set up in Italy can be done with our highly qualified team of attorneys. When you hire us, you hire peace of mind that your Italian legal needs will be fully and quickly handled from start to finish.

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Studi Legali
Studi Legali

Want to buy an Italian vacation property? Dealing with an inherited house in Italy that you need help with? Looking to purchase a boutique hotel as an investment property? Or some other real estate transaction you want to get done? Our real estate practice is expansive and designed to ensure that your transaction is processed smoothly and according to Italian law.

If your investment in Italy has a business purpose such as opening a boutique hotel or restoring an old Masseria in Puglia, a Baglio in Sicily or a villa in Lake of Como, you need to set up a new company or branch under Italian law. Our Italian legal business services are wide-ranging from: setting up international companies in Italy, branch of subsidiary management, Italian company owned by foreign individual or foreign company and much more.

Our Italian estate planning practice grew out of our real estate practice when clients were coming to us wanting to add their purchase to their will or sell a family home and realizing just how complicated the process can be at times. Some of the areas we help clients with include: wills, life insurance policies and bank accounts. Italian laws around wills and inheritance are complex but working with us is easy. Like everything we do, our estate planning practice is highly personalized and ensures that our clients’ benefit from our work in life and in death.

Encompassing a wide-range of legal services, our Italian administrative law practice is aimed at guiding our clients that are dealing with public or independent administration. Most commonly this comes in the form of obtaining licenses, construction permits or other compliance certificates related to real estate transactions.


I highly suggest Manlio and the c_legal team to anyone who is looking for a group of professionals within the Italian Real Estate industry. As an international investor and entrepreneur I can say that finding knowledgeable and helpful people is not always easy, but Manlio and c_legal are great people you can trust for your transactions, consultancy and even after purchase.
5 Stars well deserved! Bravo

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Our Approach

Nuestra Vision

We are different than other law firms. We have the personal feel and availability of a boutique law firm but the resources of a big law firm. What that means is that our clients get the best service possible direct from lawyers at prices you can afford. We love what we do and helping our clients. Call or email us now to set up your consultation with c_legal and learn more about our services and why we are the Italian law firm for you and your family.

Acting as an independent legal advisor, our goal is to serve as your go to Italian Law Firm for all your legal needs, with rigorous respect of the Code of Conduct for Lawyers, avoiding any situation of conflict of interest.

c_legal’s lawyers are enrolled in some foreign Embassies and Consulate in Italy and Italian Diplomatic Representation abroad and are members of the International Bar Association (IBA) and International Association of Lawyers (UIA).

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